As long as data is generated, there will exist a need to interpret it in a meaningful way.

Data and its interpretation and their uses are leading the changes in today’s technology. This trend in leading will continue for many more decades. To tap this immense potential, we are launching DataWiz.

Modern facility

We have the most brilliant teachers

Always make Student success as our priority

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower every child in a way that they discover their passion through computer education and achieve their purpose in life.

We envision a world that is tech savvy, and through our continued effort, we hope to build confidence in students so that they are adept in using technology.

Why choose our academy?

Getting the younger generation interested and equipped with the right tools and coding techniques to enhance their knowledge and wisdom.


Four major programs to spark the data science enthusiasm of the students and professionals.

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Face to face instructions along with state of the art Learning Management Platform for blended learning experience.

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Courses are designed by certified teachers and industrial experts with professional designation.

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Career focus tools in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

About Us

Our commitment

DataWiz will serve as an educational corporation in the Greater Toronto area, striving to educate children and adults in understanding and working with data. Understanding data is the foundation to understanding the technological changes and this is vital in increasing productivity. 

Provide coding classes after school for students from the age of 8 to get them interested in coding by making it fun using block programming and robotic devices.

Get in the game

Provide classes to make students understand data, data wrangling, preparation, insights with storytelling with visualisation, SQL and getting them to start thinking in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Continuing Education

Provide working professionals and college/university students with advanced data science courses and hands on workshop in latest tools and technologies.

Our Mission

To be a reputable academic organization that provides quality training in the field for Data Science.

Getting the younger generation interested and equipped with the right tools and coding techniques to enhance their knowledge and wisdom.

To arm working professionals with the right tools, techniques and best practices and keeping them up to the latest in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Visualisation.

Our Goals

We have come to recognize the critical need for computer-based education with studies showing that almost every field will be dependent on technology. With technology and technological changes continuously dominating every field, it is vital that students of all ages are comfortable using computers to succeed in their chosen career path. Our goal is to provide the needed education to the students ensuring that they are well-equipped with the tools and the skills necessary to work in technology.