Contests & Challenges at DataWiz

At DataWiz Academy, we host various challenges where students can bring their imagination and creativity to the screen. We believe that by participating in competitions, students are given the change to gain substantial experience, showcase their coding skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. With the spirit of competition, students begin to understand the importance of taking a healthy risk instead of only doing activities in their comfort zone.

DataWiz Christmas Animation Competition

For entry, students are excepted to design and create a Christmas-themed story using animation features of Scratch or Snap.  This competition allows for students to express their creativity and storytelling skills using programming software that they have learned so far. Students were given 2 weeks to complete this challenge. Students could either draw their characters or import them from the web. We were thrilled to see many amazing Christmas stories along with some COVID-Christmas themes.

Winner: Luckshika Raguraman

Luckshika is a grade 7 student who has been taking coding classes at DataWiz since the summer of 2020. She enjoys creating animations and stories. She has been learning Snap! for months and recently moved onto making Android apps with MIT App Inventor. 

Runner Up: Mahira Velthas

Mahira is currently in grade 6. She has been taking coding class at DataWiz since the summer of 2020. She loves to code games and interactive applications for everyone to play. She is currently in the Snap! program.

Other Participants

Aishvin Arunkannan - Grade 4

Abeeghaa Nishangan - Grade 4

Harishan Arunkannan - Grade 8

Roshni Thayananthan - Grade 7

Kishoen Thayalarupan - Grade 6

Caaviyan Mayooran - Grade 7

Aaharen Piranavan- Grade 7

Yugesh Prasanna - Grade 2

Anaghaa Nishangan - Grade 6

Praveen Aruleeswaran - Grade 9

Sharvein Aruleeswaran - Grade 6

For more videos of the participants, go to DataWizPro on Youtube.


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