Introduction to Mathematics and Computing Contest

Every year universities across Canada and US run various competitions in Mathematics and Computer Science to spark the mind of students in both elementary and high schools.

What do these contests focus on?


Most parents and students feel that contests are only for smarter people.
The truth is that 75% of the contest questions come directly from the curriculum’s content to test the student’s knowledge of what they’ve learned in school!

Problem Solving Skills

Rather than only testing a student’s knowledge, the difference is that questions focus more on Problem Solving Skills. Of course the other 25% focuses on taking challenges!

Why contest prep with our academy?

Our main focus is to train the younger generation with very strong problem solving skills so that they can become ready to advance in the Tech Decade.

What will we see in the Tech Decade?

autonomous automobiles

drone deliveries of online orders

automation in the job market

The Tech Decade is going to have a tremendous amount of technological advancements.

How do we coach for Contests?

For both Mathematics and Computing Contest students will learn the fundamental concepts in each class first. Following the mastery of the fundamental concepts, students will be working on rapidly increasing difficulty problem solving questions to apply their skills they have learnt. Each class will have homework questions for students to complete. We will be using the state of the art Learning Management System (Google Classroom and Moodle) where both parents and students should be able access the course contents as well as students will be able submit their homework solution online. Parents will receive an interim report on students progress as well as a final report at the end of course.