Ready to dive in the enormous data- journey? It’s a kick start for the young kids starting from an age of 8 and above, to get an idea about what the data is. From exploring the essentials of computers, to robots designing, to storytelling, this program encourages the students to take their initial steps towards becoming a professional data wiz.


Designed for students within the age group 12-15, the Wizkateers program provides the blend of technical analytics capabilities right from advancing in excel, to training in database systems, to introduction to AI and machine learning. This module is a step closer to becoming a professional data wiz.


Effective for the students who are 16 years and above, the ProWiz program provides the mix of advanced analytical tools and technologies right from Cloud, to ETL, to Data Modelling and Dashboarding. In short, this module is all about in-depth data analysis and is just a step away to becoming a professional wiz.

Professional Wiz+

Designed for working professionals to keep up with the industry trend and add new skills to their current portfolio. These are short seminars and workshops to get you up and running quickly.