Learn to Build Robots - July 2022

Robotics Bootcamp information - 8 weeks

The DataWiz Robotics Boot Camp introduces science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)

Program Name

Robotics Bootcamp

Program Duration

8 Weeks


7 - 15+

What is the bootcamp?

The DataWiz Robotics Boot Camp introduces science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to children of various ages through fun, exciting, hands-on learning. Students will be able to bring their coding skills to life by programming various robots.

They will have the opportunity to explore three different types of robots: Sphero, Tello and EV3.

Students will gain real world problem-solving skills while building their confidence, expanding their knowledge and developing effective learning habits.

Why join the bootcamp?

Learn to CAD and design robot designs using a LEGO Builder Software
Get a first-hand view of the competitive world of robotics and ethics behind it
Develop spatial reasoning and creative thinking skills
Get hands on experience building various types of robots
Builds a further interest towards programming as they are able to see the effects live
Understand the process of innovating any product with building, programming then testing
Learn about the management side of robotics and professionalism in the competitive world

What will you learn in this course?

In these 2 weeks, students will bring their programs to life using small spherical bots known as Spheros. These bots will introduce the concept of using programming to control the mechanical aspects of a robot. There will be many activities that will engage students in problem-solving, critical thinking and real world applications. By using Spheros, we hope to get them introduced to the role of programming in the world of robotics and automation.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What does the bootcamp do?

Students will learn to design and build a robot to achieve a specific goal. They will bring their coding skills to life by programming robots to run autonomously and learn about the ethics of robotics. Students will also test their robots in a competition within the program.

What will students learn?

Students will learn about the real world applications of robots as well as the advantages of emerging technologies involving robotics to make life easier for humans. They will also learn to build and design robots while developing their critical thinking, creativity and coding skills.

How does robotics apply to the world we live in?

You can find robotics everywhere from assisting farmers to health care workers to helping out with driving vehicles. Many robots have been designed to perform tasks such as advanced surgical procedures in a hospital or vacuuming your home. Robots can be used to complete tasks that humans cannot do themselves or to make lives more efficient.

What opportunities can come out of this program?

Our main goal at DataWiz is to expose students to the world of robotics through the STEM stream and competitions on a local, provincial, or global scale. Students will gain essential skills that will help them professionally over a lifetime.

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