Ready to dive in the enormous data-journey? It’s a kick start for the young kids starting from an age of 8 and above, to get an idea about what the data is. From exploring the essentials of computers, to robots designing, to storytelling, this program encourages the students to take their initial steps towards becoming a professional data wiz.

Fundamentals of Computers

This course will familiarize the student with the characteristics of computers. They will discover the fundamental computer skills such as typing, working on computers and identifying the basic components of the computer


Programming with Scratch

This course focuses on the scratch programming journey of the students where they would learn the initial hands on for how to program with block-based visuals and animations.


Robotics & Programming

This course is designed for helping students to program their own robots. The idea is to let the kids explore, think out of the box and do experiments and convert their creative thoughts into action though collaborative approach.


Introduction to Data and Analytics

This course will expose the student to the key areas of data practices such as how data is created, stored, accessed and what is the purpose of data and analytics in today’s world.


Data & Microsoft Office

This course incorporates the student to learn hands on industry-recognized very essential tools i.e. Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Students will be able to find the simple solution of hard data related problems using Excel. Microsoft PowerPoint will allow them to communicate their ideas to an audience in a formalized manner.



Kids love listening to stories but what if they start storytelling? Interesting, isn’t it? This course focuses on helping students develop their storytelling skills through a range of hands on computational activities and letting them work collaboratively. The idea is to understand the meaning of data.


Beginners Math for Data Science

This course is designed to give the beginner level understanding of mathematics in the field of data science. Right from the basic skills such as number sense, measurement, patterns and complex logical problem-solving, each activity is designed to guide the student through the process of becoming an advanced DataWiz.



Probability is an essential skill to becoming a data scientist. Keeping this in mind this course is designed to train students on computational and mathematical knowledge that helps them to evaluate the chance or likelihood of any event that can occur in future.


Fun with Data

Let’s put them all together, data gathering, cleaning, summarizing, finding insights and creating charts and graphs to be able to tell a story and present them to a wider audience. This would be the final requirement of the Spark+ program where students will work in teams for the final project.